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Greek Goddess

Inspired by ancient Greek goddesses

Marrying the innate beauty of traditional designs with the appeal of quality, long-lasting sandals, Greek Goddess is destined to bring the inner goddess of each of us to life. Our models are made to empower the modern woman by putting her in the shoes of venerable ancient heroines and allowing their grace to shine through their confidence.

The Greek Goddess line of footwear is composed of stylish, eye-catching flat sandals, slippers, and wedges that reflect the magnificence of ancient Greek designs. They’re lovingly constructed by a family-run company whose commitment to excellence and century of experience is evident in every pair. The time-honored tradition of sandal design dates from the early 20th century, and perhaps what makes the design so special is that it has rarely changed since then. The greatest difference is in the improved quality and dependability of the materials.

Comfort. High quality. Handmade.

The awe-inspiring beauty of the shoes, the intricacy of the constructions, and the longevity of the designs yields a modernized take on old-world luxury. It’s even evident in the scent of the leather — that telltale, heady aroma that serves as a reminder that you’re wearing something of pure quality and distinction. All of the footwear in Goddess Shoes store are made in the EU which guarantees high quality, durability and comfort. Each and every pair is handmade by professionals with decades of experience in footwear manufacture and all the materials are carefully selected from EU suppliers. Therefore, the entire process - from the very first design to a fully completed shoe - is entirely placed within the EU and meets all high quality and comfort requirements of the union.

Who's behind Greek Goddess

The brand was created by Polina Milcheva - a woman, mother, caring partner, and a tireless entrepreneur - for other women who lead dynamic lives, and have to take on many different roles each day. The brand instils the blazing pride of the contemporary goddesses: confident women, who are not afraid to stay connected to their femininity without sacrificing their independence. “I have always understood how important it is for women to feel constant affirmation of their boundless potential. But ever since I have had my little girl, I started feeling it my obligation to change the world in this direction; to make it easier for her to be an unapologetically dignified woman than it has been for me. I hope to have a small contribution to that through my projects. To me, Modern Goddess is not just about fashion or shoes. It is about women walking with confidence and claiming their right to express freely whatever role they have chosen for themselves.”

In short, Greek Goddess is footwear perfection for the contemporary woman who appreciates a shoe that is as comfortable as it is breathtakingly stylish. No matter your lifestyle - bohemian, jetsetter, mama, career-driven, or some intriguing variation of all of these - you’ll find a pair that meets your needs and satisfies your desire for fashionable footwear with a twist. Embrace your inner goddess!

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