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Selected Brands of Children Shoes

We choose our partner brands with care and high attention to the quality of production and materials, especially when it comes to children footwear. All our partners match our most important requirements - 100% care to the physical development of children feet as well as high quality leather, textile and materials from EU suppliers. You'll find all our partner brands' children collections here.

Teckids are classic children’s sneakers in Rose color. Handmade with children’s feet development in mind, Teckids are a combination of high quality leather, stretchy fabric and rubber sole, sewn to the upper part. Easy to put on and adjust the width to every child’s foot. Size and Fit:Fits true to ..
123.00 лв.
Ex Tax:102.50 лв.
Flower Power is a playful twist of the classic children’s sneakers in beige for little ladies who like to refine their style down to the smallest detail. Handmade in Portugal with high quality leather and rubber sole sewn to the upper part. Size and Fit:Fits true to size. Italian/European sizing..
123.00 лв.
Ex Tax:102.50 лв.
Marine Kids sneakers in Beige are the perfect everyday footwear for every child. Made of 100% genuine leather upper with sewn rubber sole and velcro technology, the super comfortable Marine Kids are easy to put on and durable enough to go through any muddy puddle. Size and Fit:Fits true to size. It..
117.00 лв.
Ex Tax:97.50 лв.
An easy to put on sneaker designed to follow children’s natural feet development, Teckids Khaki sneakers are the ideal go-to footwear for your little one. Stylish yet comfortable, those sneakers are a combination of high quality leather and fabric with stretch technology which is completed with a ru..
108.00 лв.
Ex Tax:90.00 лв.
Designed with care for the children's feet, Kids Sand sandals are a modern and stylish summer footwear for little ladies. The upper part is made of quality leather with easily adjustable width while the inner sole is a combination of cork and latex which increases comfort and keeps feet dr..
69.00 лв.
Ex Tax:57.50 лв.
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